Stainless steel wire
Description of Stainless steel wire


1. Sizes of wire (diameter) : 0.1mm ~ 15.0mm. Can be produced as AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS...etc.

2. Grade (ASTM): 201, 202, XM-1, 302, 303, 304, 404L, 305, 308, 309, 309S, 314, 316, 316L, 317, 405, 409, 409Nb, 430, 430F,434, 436, 410, 416, 420, 420F, 414.

Cross-reference table of similar Grade in GB, ASTM, UNS, JIS, EN, BS

3. Delivery status :Soft ( S ), Lightly Drawm ( LD ), Cold Drawn ( W C D ).

4. Surface State: Gray, Bright, Cleanliness, Coating.


1). Stainless Weaving wire: Stainless steel has characteristics of corrosion resistance and heat resistance, after annealing in process, the wire finish is right and shinny. It is widely used in applications such as weaving and knitting wire cloth/mesh, braiding for flexible hoses etc.Package weight and/or length can be controlled in accordance with customers' requirement.
2). Stainless Spring wire: Available as bare, soap coated, resin coated as well as Cu-Ni coated wire, suitable for high speed automatic spring forming. 
3). Stainless Rope wire: For producing wire rope and strand, due to its bright and clean finish, the wire rope and/or strand has a shinny and bright surface and well received for long-lasting and decorative construction industry applications.
4). Stainless Redraw wire: With physical properties, packing and finish to meet users' needs for best quality, production efficiency and economy.
5). Stainless Brush wire: In spools, coils or cut length, with tensile strength as required by the user.
6). Stainless Electro polishing Quality wire: For surgical utensils and other medical and sanitary applications as well as kitchen and bathroom products.
7). Stainless Pin wire: For surgical, fishing tackle, textile machinery and other applications requiring fine wire with accurate tensile strength and impeccable cleanliness
8). Stainless Straightened and cut bars: Produced on fully automatic machines which integrate drawing, straightening, grinding and cutting, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy.
9). Stainless Cut wire: Including shot wire and other wires made to customers' needs for chemistry, length, finish and accuracy.



Coil / Spool / Bundle .. etc. Standard export packing. We also do as customers' requirements.

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